The Assessment Process

1.     Comprehensive Interview: When you begin an assessment with me, we will sit down together to talk about your current problems and symptoms, your developmental, educational and work history, and your medical and psychiatric history. If you have previous relevant medical or educational records, these will also be reviewed with your permission.

2.     Testing: Depending on the referral question, we will meet together for up to 3-4 sessions of 2-3 hours each in order to complete testing (total testing time is usually 8-10 hours). If you are an adult, we may be able to do longer sessions, with breaks. I will likely ask significant people in your life to fill out rating scales (e.g. a parent, spouse, sibling, teacher, etc.).

3.     Feedback: After we have completed testing, and I have been able to consult with other providers involved in your care (with your permission), I will schedule a time to meet with you and go over assessment results, diagnostic impressions, and recommendations. This is an interactive session designed to result in more personalized recommendations.

4.     Written report: Following our feedback session, I will write a comprehensive report detailing the assessment results and recommendations. With your permission, I will also share the report with other providers such as your medical doctor.