Welcome! I provide ADHD assessment, learning disorder assessment, and neuropsychological assessment for adolescents and adults. Questions? Contact me here.



Neuropsychological Assessment

Do you wonder why you or a loved one seems to struggle with school or work? Neuropsychological assessment evaluates brain functioning in the context of other life variables in order to make recommendations for ADHD, learning disorders, memory disorders, and other issues that may be affecting  functioning at school, work, and home. Click here for more information.


ADHD Evaluation and Treatment

Do you think you might have ADHD, or are symptoms interfering with your school, work, or relationships? ADHD evaluation and treatment can set up you up for success by helping you understand strengths and weaknesses, obtain necessary accommodations, and by creating a plan for what to do next, and why. Learning Disorders can also complicate ADHD for some people. Click here for more information. I also perform TAG evaluations and evaluations for school placement.